Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Merge

If you are still wondering which Facebook ad-buying tool is better for you – Ads Manager or Power Editor – you no longer have to choose.

On September 12th, Facebook announced that Power Editor and Ads Manager will be combining into one powerful tool. A new integrated tool will be called Ads Manager and will enable advertisers to choose which workflow style they prefer – Power Editor’s speed and ease of campaign creation or Ads Manager’s guided step-by-step campaign creation.

Although Power Editor’s name is being phased out, the new tool will incorporate the majority of its sophisticated tools which we, as advertisers, loved. “If you’re currently using Power Editor, you won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name,” as explained by Facebook Help Center.

The new Ads Manager (combined tool) will allow advertisers who used the Quick Creation option in Power Editor to keep using it (after the change)…

In fact, Facebook says your work will now be saved via automatic drafts. You will, however, need to review and publish any changes that need to go live (as you do in Power Editor). To help make sure that an advertiser with unsaved changes doesn’t forget, Facebook will surface reminders inviting you to review and publish your changes.

This could be a scary announcement for both the green advertiser who is intimidated by Power Editor and the experienced advertiser who wants all of the extra bells and whistles. But it appears both sides should be happy by this announcement.

The new advertiser can continue to use the guided creation method when creating a campaign. Power Editor no longer “exists” (in name, at least), so it’s one less thing for them to worry about.

Facebook says that no functionality is lost as a result of this change. So those who have relied on Power Editor for the past few years won’t lose anything.

The bottom line is this update provides consistency and continuity. If executed as Facebook claims, it will be better for everyone.

If you don’t have this update yet, Facebook says they will begin rolling it out later this week.

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